A light box at the counter, two floor rugs and billboard designed by Chanel Tang for the new Adidas store in Melbourne Central, Jan 2021. 

Big thanks to Zoe from Not So Normal Productions

Recently returned to Melbourne (March 2021) from and amazing experience/project at Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. We painted a water tank and shed in the small town of Coobowie in collaboration with @jasonparkerart who focused on local flora while we painted various water birds of the area and patterns of water. Thanks you to @yorkepeninsula council @sawatercorp and everyone who made this project possible. And thank you Yorke Peninsula for your unbelievable untouched beauty, we feel very fortunate to work and explore this region for the last couple of weeks.

📸 by the friendliest dude @adbe_photographyyorke, thanks Adam! 


Something a little different for us! Commissioned illustrations for @melbfoodandwine featuring some of Melbourne’s best snacks. We were assigned a diverse range that took our tastebuds on many adventures...

-Banh cam, Phuoc Tan

-Egg McMartinez, @smithanddeli

-Prahok k’tiss, My Cambodia

-Ham and Gruyere croissant, @lune

-Moin moin (steamed bean cake), Adonai

Check out the full list @victoriatogether site and see all the delicious illustrations.

Produced in Dec 2020.

We were involved in multiple ways with the epic 'Can't Do Tomorrow' Urban arts festival Feb 2020 including a stall, mural and subjects of Shannyn Higgins incredible photography in her solo show. Thankyou to everyone involved and all the new fans we met!

Both photos credit Shannyn Higgins  

Our latest show 'Hold Hands' opened 30th August at Outre Gallery 319 Smith st, Ftizroy. There are still some remaining works available online through the gallery:

Click here to see a catalogue of the artwork

HOLD HANDS features a body of new work by the artist duo, manifesting the message of togetherness, illustrating these states of balance and harmony, and the beauty of coming together. Through composition, colour and symbols, the philosophy of collaboration is brought to life. Creatures such as canine, birds, fish and horses are depicted in packs, animals that are often living and working together to receive the benefits from this collective family. It is a lesson for us all, the connection you foster with the community around you, is important for survival, just as these other species. In its nature, Creature Creature represents duality and the sum of a whole, looking forward, it advocates collaboration in a boarder sense to affirm values of diversity, kinship and prosperity. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Bodriggy Brewing Co.

Chaos Born by Creature Creature

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us! 

18th May 2018 from 6pm at Off the Kerb 66 Johnston st, Collingwood, Victoria.

Click here to see the catalogue of work, for remaining available pieces view our store.

In their creation myth, Yin and Yang were born out of chaos in the centre of the earth. The principles state that one thing cannot exist without its opposite, contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality, without which we would experience nothingness.

Creature Creature want to promote collaboration as a philosophy. Their partnership breaks the myth of the lone artist, as collaboration is an instinctive ritual for them in realms of art and life. They share the vision of a collaborative future, a model for society that survives on a community rather than self interest and ego; a balance of individualism and collectivism.

This philosophy is translated with design principles: Balance, harmony, repetition, contrast, proximity, hierarchy, proportion, dynamism and movement. Collaboration is about preserving diversity, creating something complex, layered and fluid. The natural state of working together.

Creature Creature's exhibition at Outre Gallery, ‘Binary Star’, is a literal representation of their forces combined, symbolising dualism which is present in many relationships. A binary star is a pair of stars which orbit around a common centre of mass, and remain united by the bond of their own mutual gravitation towards each other. Creature Creature draws comparisons to the structure of a Binary Star to relationships between humans, looking at the way in which the elements remain united through their own mutual gravitation towards each other. Delving into concepts which could enhance such a gravitational effect such as “yin and yang and the philosophy of balance.”

Click here for a full interview with 'Creature Creature'.

Outre site link

‘X’ is a selection on work created during our residency in Qbank Gallery Queenstown from 6/2/17 to 24/2/17.

Our work for this exhibition follows similar themes we have being exploring throughout our art practice of dualism, contrast and opposing forces. This comes from our process of collaboration.

X is a symbol that represents this balance, repetition and symmetry. X is our paths crossed, our union and marks the spot of our destination.

We aimed to explore this narrative through various subject matter. The skulls can be seen as a symbol of finality. In our work, the skulls have openings, entrances and exists, suggesting a beginning to an end. The wolf like creature is one of our own creation, melding canine species with the elegance of a gazelle or horse. Their presence is both sinister and a display of beauty. Other motifs are simple recollections of what we have seen in our time in Tasmania.

With our juxtaposition of styles and concepts, we hope to create harmony within the work and turn conflicting ideas and energy into one force.


Creature Creature's latest series of work is about bringing inward disposition to the surface with a demonstration of high intensity and romantic drama.

Illustrating the internal with outward displays of armoury, weapons, creatures and colours. Symbolic representations of fortitude.

Visual style and motifs comes from both a past and future aesthetics resulting in a series of characters, and sense of narrative and mythology: stories of new/old heroes and superpowers.  

The finale to our RedBubble residency, series of 13 works shown along side the other two residents of this program. No Vacancy Project space, Federation Square.
View some of the works available on various products 

Our third Solo show was held at No Vacancy QV in Melbourne CBD with our good mate Joshua Smith on board as curator. We had a great experience with him for our very first show at his renowned Espionage Gallery and this proved to be just as fantastic if not more.
Here is the event page!


An installation at Ruffian Gallery!

'Ruffian's first 2014 event will kick off oh-so-suavely presenting 'Akin' by artists 'CREATURE/CREATURE' who will be painting their big, bright and kickass creatures running amok on Ruffs interior walls. '
6 pm, 7th feb at 361 Barkly street, Footscray

Our work was in Revolver, a giant piece on the wall.

'Coming up on Saturday 2nd of November we are excited to have the duo Creature Creature come down and paint and draw our November posterwall live! 
The piece is called 'Dead dreams' and will utilise a printed backdrop combined with the live drawn elements in their distinctive style. It all kicks off at 6pm so come down grab a bite to eat at Colonel Tan's, have a few drinks and listen to some tunes from Rex and Booshank as Creature Creature do their thing.'

Our second solo show 'Bruiser'! Thanks for the support, we raised funds for our trip to NYC in August.

The Exhibition launched CHAOTIC GALLERY in Melbourne.
CHAOTIC GALLERY is a new gallery in the heart of Windsor (down a lively cobblestone Laneway running between Union Street and Green Street). This Laneway already features some of Melbourne's 'best Street Art' and is dedicated to supporting established and emerging Street Artists from Melbourne and beyond.

The Gallery is owned and run by Anne & Wayne Tindall with David Russell as Curator.
“BRUISER” by Creature Creature will feature a bold new series of artwork revolving around combatants, duellist and the fighting spirit. Many of the pieces are portraiture inspired by historical female warriors.

This new body of work stays true to the style of Creature Creature, blending street art, illustration and design, with concepts of duality, east meets west, and the natural world. As well as many appearances from their alter egos. Dragon and Unicorn!

Creature Creature's first solo show was a great success! Over 25 works sold! 

Big thanks to everyone supporting us.

Featured on;

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Vimeo (timelapse of murals)


A group show at BSG with other illustrators/artists in Nov 2012. Curated by Cameron Brideoake, Creature Creature's housemate and friend. 

A show with Cameron Brideoake at BSG in 2012
"Cameron Brideoake and CREATURE CREATURE (Ambrose and Chanel) have collaborated to put on their latest show entitled NO FACE at Brunswick Street Gallery. From collaborative works on wood, to paintings, prints and skateboard decks, this show promises to be unforgettable.
If you saw some of Cameron, Ambrose and Chanel’s entries in the BSG Small Works exhibition recently, now is your chance to see a whole show of their work."
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