"BAT LOVE" Long Sleeve Tee

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Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Bats are getting a bad rep this year so we wanted to give these bewitching, badass creatures some TLC. Like all species, bats play an important role in balance of our world, they pollinate plants to produce fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and avocados, which make up a pretty good smoothie!
If we fail to take care of the natural world, then ecosystems break down in ways that have a significant impact on humanity, including the emergence of infectious diseases. Unsustainable ecological destruction such as deforestation and trafficking of wildlife for human consumption are the true evil origins of a pandemic. Let's take better care of all creatures and the environment to allow us to live in a harmonious state.
The lotus and its life cycle is a symbol of rebirth and hope. Its roots grow in dirty water, but it blooms beautiful and pure. It is sturdy and indestructible even in harsh conditions. It is also used in the East to cure many diseases. We foresee the lotus as an omen of what is ahead of us: a sublime resurrection.

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